We build houses

from NOVATOP and CLT

What we build

We build family houses, commercial and public buildings from NOVATOP-system and from solid timber CLT panels. The system combines CLT panels and other materials and makes a complete construction system.

Commercial and public buildings

Dry-construction technique from timber panels is very time-efficient and therefore suitable for commercial and public buildings. Time is money, which we can save significantly due to speed of erection time.

It is possible to combine the system from solid timber panels with other building systems, such as reinforced concrete skeletons or masonry structures.

Family houses

Building system from solid laminated timber is popular within family houses mainly due to the possibility to keep the visible quality of large-area timber panels that create beautiful and unique interior.

Another advantage is high accuracy and quality of cross laminated panels. If you decide for this building system, we can build a real timber-building for you from solid timber.

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Mounting procedure

The following video shows mounting procedure of the NOVATOP system.

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